Volunteer and be part of the first ever International Green Games 2021 to be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!

Anyone is eligible to participate in our volunteer program. Wouldn’t it be awesome to begin your volunteer experience with the “International Youth Green Games-2021” organized under the auspices of the United Nations and the President of Mongolia? Seasoned volunteers are equally welcome to take part in this international event. Such individuals will be invited to take part in specialized courses to become instructors themselves.

Discover opportunities! Surround yourself by opportunities! The only requirement to volunteer is to have the spirit.

Volunteering has many benefits. Below are just a few of them.

  • Improve your language skills and expand your historical and cultural knowledge through new acquaintances from different backgrounds;
  • Learn to be a team player
  • Work with experienced team of volunteers
  • Work closely with both foreign and domestic teams and athletes
  • Access to all sports venues
  • Free enrollment to lectures and trainings by accomplished individuals
  • Discover your sports interests
  • Certificates from the United Nations

All volunteers will be provided with uniforms, necessary equipment as well as per diem to cover meal and transportation costs.

Reception and farewell support team

This team will have the important responsibility to give a positive first impression and warm memories to athletes and other participants

Mandate support team

This team will in charge of all accreditation related work. Team members will send and receive information, issue accreditation and re-issue lost ID Cards.

Opening and closing ceremony team

This vital team will assist preparations related to opening and closing ceremonies as well as medal awarding procedures.

Catering team

This team will probably be the largest in terms of volunteers involved. Volunteers in this team will ensure that all necessary items and materials are delivered to various working stations during the entirety of the event. They are also expected to provide support in ensuring that special dietary requirements are met. Other duties include monitoring food quality and record all catering services provided.

Supply support team

This team will ensure that supplies are delivered on a timely manner. Volunteers will also support keeping supply records.

Technology and IT team

This team will support the IT team in setting up connectivity networks to be used during the event. Team members are also expected to assist in protocol related matters. Other responsibilities may include setting up work stations.

Event support team

Volunteers in this team will welcome, guide and attend to inquiries by participants.

Athlete support team

This team will assist athletes by bridging language barriers. Team members are also expected assist athletes as necessary.

Transportation support team

Volunteers in this team will ensure that vehicles are parked in orderly manner. Team members will assist athletes and other participants within their area of responsibility.

Venue support team

Volunteers in this team will provide assistance in preparing the venue on a daily basis.

Accommodation support team

Duties of this team will range from recording keeping, assisting incoming participants to check in, as well as oversee their food and physical safety.

Honorable guests and VIP support team

Responsibilities of this team include welcoming, registering, guiding honorable guests and VIPs.

Emergency care support team

This team will support providing emergency medical care to persons in need.