Petroglyphs can only be found in the way where Mongolians traveled and are the most abundant in Mongolian area. It was a very tricky method of Ancient people to inherit their stories to future generations.

We can understand the following things from the petroglyphs:

What tools they started to make at what time;

What kind of animals lived in that area at that time;

What kind of animals they domesticated at what time;

When they started agriculture;

When they started to use plowshares, bows, and arrows;

How did they army preparation;

What was their idol;

When did they start to brand livestock;

And to determine at what area of Mongolia were comfortable to live for the people by the spread of petroglyphs. In order to promote that great nomadic cultural heritage, major 19 sports were classified by special symbols and were illustrated into 26 sports movement pictograms.